Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 36

8 Sep 2013, Rock Springs Run State Reserve, Lake County


My, what a big tail you have!
Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk.

Coyote Ugly?  Only in movie titles.  Coyote nice-looking here.
Everybody says the coyotes are everywhere and numerous but I don't see them that often.  This one was close by today at mid-day in Rock Springs Run State Reserve.

2 Sep 2013, Black Bear Wilderness Area, Seminole County
"Look Mom, I have two bonus stripes."
Of the three five-lined skinks, the juvenile of the Broad-headed Skink can have seven lines like this one.  With a rainbow of colors, the juvenile is pretty attractive also.  The adult loses the rainbow.
2 Sep 2013, Wilson's Landing, Seminole County

The prettiest eyes in the animal kingdom.

If this Royal River Cruiser does not have the prettiest eyes, what does?  

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